We Understand the Complexity of Efficient Staffing and Scheduling

We work with health systems hand-in-hand to navigate the operational challenges and nuance that exists with staffing. The result – driving value from the bedside to the C-Suite.

Our Solution

Obsessed with Creating Workforce Management Software that Clinicians Want to Use Each Day

Our team studied staffing and scheduling challenges with C-Suite leaders, nurse managers, and staff in over 20 health systems before writing a single line of code. Our product reflects this distinct focus on bringing value to clinicians and the C-Suite.

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Our team spent

6 months with CNOs, CIOs and CFOs at 20+ health systems

to understand current inefficiencies in how staff are scheduled and deployed.

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We spent months sitting in nurse managers’ offices and watched

every step of the scheduling process,

specifically analyzing opportunities to reduce manual work.

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50 nurse managers and staffers were involved

throughout our entire design process to ensure we built something that clinical managers and staff wanted to use every day.

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Our Work Doesn’t End with Implementation, It Begins

Clinician Obsessed

Each customer implementation is led by Vitalize Care implementation managers who are nurses themselves.

Our team talks to nurse managers every single day, and we have some of the most influential nurse leaders in the country as investors.

A “Boots on the Ground” Approach

We spent ~3 months in the hospital prior to launching, configuring our platform to the unit-level nuance that exists.

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Integration with Existing Systems

Our engineers spearhead integration efforts to minimize IT burden. Our platform seamlessly connects with existing HR and payroll systems.

Deep Investment in Change Management

With our nurse implementation managers, we prioritize launching essential features at a single hospital and invest time in change management before expanding.

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