Reduce Labor Spend and Retain Nurses through Optimized Staffing

Vitalize Care helps health systems efficiently staff to real time patient demand and acuity.

Our platform leverages predictive scheduling to proactively identify staffing gaps and automate filling shifts with the best-fit nurse.

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Why Leading Health Systems Work with Us

Vitalize Care provides an all-in-one scheduling, staffing, reporting, and analytics solution for health systems. Our AI enables hospitals to easily deploy staff to meet present patient acuity and throughput. No more overstaffing or resorting to bonus pay.

Reduce Premium

Reduce premium labor spend and traveler/agency utilization

Save Time

Save nurse leaders > 30% time by automating manual scheduling tasks


Enable unit level leaders to manage productivity in real-time


Improve nurse retention through schedule flexibility + transparency

We Target the Biggest Opportunities to Reduce Labor Cost and Save Frontline Managers Time

Ensuring that units are appropriately staffed every shift is a Herculean task. With patient census and acuity changing every few hours, last minute callouts, and overburdened managers, staffing is an operational nightmare.

Integrate Predictive Scheduling

We identify probabilistic scheduling gaps months in advance, and fill these gaps with the best-fit staff.

Central Staffing

Staff in Real-Time to Census and Acuity without Hiring Additional FTE’s

We enable a house supervisor or small operations team to match the efficiency of a large staffing office - no more unnecessary huddles, phone calls, and spreadsheets.

Nurse Manager Dashboard

Unburden Nurse Managers from Manual Scheduling

We enable nurse managers to focus on key priority areas such as retaining nurses, patient engagement, and more.

Nurse-Facing App

Cost Optimize the Entire Staffing Process

Our algorithm identifies the best-fit staff for every shift, and recommend an optimal bonus if needed.

Nurse-Facing App

Vitalize Care provides value to Frontline Staff and Across the C-Suite


Visualize staffing across the house in real-time, and proactively adjust staffing due to callouts and changing census.


Streamline staffing operations without hiring costly FTE’s.


Reduce premium labor spend and traveler utilization through cost-optimized staffing.

Nurse Managers

Save 1 - 2 hours daily by automating manually burdensome scheduling tasks.

Frontline Staff

Flexible and transparent scheduling at your fingertips.

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